Anonymous Hotline Services


Corporate Trust is the premier partner for Anonymous ethical and compliance hotline services.  Handling delicate HR complaints, concerning ethics allegations or potential fraud reports turn to Corporate Trust.  Corporate Trust has the experience, professionalism and tact to capture critical information while equipped with the technology and process management to maintain data integrity.

Partnering with a third-party, anonymous hotline provider is considered a best practice when it comes to establishing and maintaining a highly ethical workplace culture.  Corporate Trust offers 24/7, bilingual anonymous hotline services to satisfy regulatory requirements, protect your employees and mitigate financial loss.

Corporate Trust Features:

   Flexible Intake Channels
   Case Management System (CMS)
   Rapid Incident Routing and Reporting
   Secure Web Reporting
   Branded Training Materials
   Corporate Trust Seal


Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2014 report:

    • A typical organization loses 5% of its annual revenue to fraud, which translates to a potential fraud loss of more than $3.7 trillion worldwide. A typical fraud lasted 18 months before being detected and caused a median loss of $145,000.
    • Fraud is more likely to be detected by a tip than by any other means. Over 40% of all fraud is detected by a tip and nearly 50% of all tips come from employees of the organization. This finding has been consistent since 2002, when tracking data on fraud detection methods began.
    • Anti-fraud controls appear to help reduce both the cost and duration of the fraud, with the most effective of these controls being a “hotline”. Organizations with fraud hotlines suffered much smaller losses than organizations without them.
    • More than 85% of fraud perpetrators had never been previously charged or convicted for a fraud-related offense, which is consistent with findings since 2002.

CSO Executive Council, The Network, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

                   71 percent of hotline users would not notify their supervisor of a suspected issue and more than half desire to remain anonymous.